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Tom Nolan leads the resident R & B band, Tom Nolan’s Bluescasters and they have already been joined on stage by impressive guest musicians, including Don Craine and Keith Grant from the Downliners Sect, Ray Majors, ex-Yardbirds and Mott The Hoople guitarist, Steve Hackett of Genesis fame, Alan Glen and the Barcodes, the legendary Art Wood, his legendary brother Ronnie and the Canadian blues legend Long John Baldry
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Ronnie Wood at the Eel Pie Club

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Ray Majors at the Art Woods night

Ronnie Wood joins his brother Art for The Art Woods night
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Long John Baldry with Art Woods at the Eel Pie Club

DownlinersThe Downliners Sect

Veterans of Eel Pie Island, Ken Colyer’s club and the Richmond sixties R & B scene, the Downliners Sect was formed in 1963 by Don Craine, instantly recognisable by his onstage deerstalker hat. They were Van Morrison’s inspiration to quit the Irish showband scene and form his own R & B group, Them. They topped the Swedish hit parade in 1965 with their second single, ‘Little Egypt’ and a typical Sect gig can veer from their interpretations of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry to rural blues and skiffle.  The band now consists of Don Craine (rhythm guitar/vocals), Keith Grant Evans (vocals/bass), Paul Martin (harmonica/saxophone), Del Dwyer (lead guitar) and Alan Brooks (drums).