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After having spent far too long away from the music scene, it was to be the first club to get me back wanting to be singing the blues and rockin' again. So this is a very special place for me. Happy Birthday Eel Pie!


Before it was renovated it was a wasted space. It has a good atmosphere now and is more comfortable-it has that nostalgic theme to it which really works...their decision to re-open the club in Twickenham was a very good idea. It takes perserverance to set up something ike that and they have done very well. (I take my hat off to them!) I think it is something that will run on and on.


The Richmond-Kingston-Twickenham triangle was right at the heart of the first British blues boom in the early 60s. Playing at the Eel Pie Club always brings back great memories of those early days and like the audiences then, the crowd at the Eel Pie Club are always so knowledgeable. I'm really looking forward to playing there again in September


The Eel Pie Club is a celebration of the British R&B movement that began here in the 1960's and with a wealth of local talent from major 60's acts and new bands to call upon, audiences are always assured of a great night out.  After touring and gigging in various parts of the world, meeting up again with all the artists and club members is like coming home.


I really enjoy playing at The Eel Pie Club.  We always get a great welcome from the members.  They seem to like the party atmosphere that my little band creates.


The Eel Pie Club.  It was there back in the day as a crucible of all the influences and music that has formed the last fifty years and it's still here now - with the same important philosophy - supporting the established old guard, encouraging the emerging new wave, and providing that 'oh so important' element of advocacy and authority that has been the cornerstone of all great venues and beloved gigs forever.  Enlightened, informed management, respectful and informed audiences, and boundless good nature have made this club great is respected and musicians are treated with respect.  If you're under 25 and reading this - check out who started their journey at the source of this particular Nile....Thank you Gina and Warren.  See you on the road! - The Pretty Things.